NetSoft Design Flash design services

Adobe Flash Web Design

Adobe Flash can be used in a lot of different ways including simply adding some interactivity to other site content, full sites created in Adobe Flash, and Flash Web applications. One example of what we can create with our Flash design services includes slide shows with images that fade in and out with background music. Another example is intro animations or animated product demos. We may also add video to a site or even create an interface that allows visitors to select videos from thumbnail images and load them into an individual player. One example of a Flash Web application is a shop that builds custom motorcycles and has an application where users can swap images of various parts of the motorcycle to give them an idea of what the completed customized motorcycle would look like. This same concept could be applied to other types of businesses (kitchen and bath remodeling, interior decorating, customized greeting cards, business card design, or other design services). The uses for Adobe Flash designs are limited only by your imagination.

Clients often want to use Flash simply for the "wow" factor, even though it may not add to the site message. This can actually create a distraction from the business goals of your site. NetSoft Design recommends using Flash as a way of supporting or further explaining the main site content. For example, a page that explains a detailed manufacturing process might use a Flash animation to illustrate what the text content is describing. Generally using Flash on a page with other content rather than as a splash page often works best, enhancing the content instead of distracting from it.